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Okay, I know I say this every time I upload something, but I really have no idea why I’m posting this one. It’s the first recording of it, and I didn’t spend a huge amount of time on it. Jordan kind of talked me into uploading it (her songs are so cute and sound so much more professional than this, you should go listen to them!). But yeah, please be nice if you do listen to this:) (Also if you do it’s really quiet for some reason)

Recorded with the help of my lovely friend Oli and his equipment:)


You guys always ask how i lost so much weight so fast so i decided to just make a post instead of answering you guys one by one

Work Out: This is the simple 30 minute works out i do every morning before school that doesn’t wear me out and helped me burn off all the weight

Food: These are the “healthy foods” i absolutely stayed away from because they’re actually terrible for your diet though they claim not to be. 

And this is how i’m keeping all the weight off, really easy things to keep in mind if i ever want to go for that brownie instead of some fruit.

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